Against Blade Runners
Sung to: Ordinary Day - Great Big Sea

We've got the disc in our hands,
And we've got "D" all around us
We've got the dump in behind
All Blade Runners surround us, oh go long!
Yeah, we'll dump now, but sometimes we'd hammer,
We've been running, but that doesn't matter,
It was all too fast

And we say way-hay-lay, it's just
The Blade Runner's way,
And we've lost out state of mind,
At the end of the game,
You just have to say it's all fun!

Bow cuts to the corner, lays out for the pass,
Let them "D" all they want, there's nothing but grass,
Oh, Lay out!
We might stumble, if Blade Runners are near,
We may fall, but we'll presevere, it's all too fast!